1953 Lighthouse Duplex Travel Trailer

Two Bedroom

28 Foot Double Decker

1953 Light House Travel Trailer
Before Restoration

New Paint
After Restoration



This is a 1953 Lighthouse Travel Trailer built in Chicago Ill. It is 28 feet long, 8 feet wide and 11 1/2 feet tall overall. I do not know the weight. The trailer is a double decker or "Duplex" type trailer with two bedrooms. I can actually stand up in the upstairs bedrooms and I am 6'2" tall. The design is very unique and this trailer is a rare find.

Of course the trailer needed major renovations. The paneling in the trailer has been water damaged in places. The entire ceiling in the up stairs bedrooms will need to be replaced. Also much of the paneling in the kitchen. This is a project trailer for sure. There are a few soft spots in the floor. The major soft spot is in the downstairs hallway between the living room and the kitchen which is where the bathroom is located.

Most of the cabinets are in good shape and just need a little cleaning up. Most the windows are intact and working except one triple pane window in the livingroom which has been replaced with a solid window. There is no heater. The water heater is electric and is located in the kitchen at the present time. The roof will have to be repaired in the center of the trailer and the area is about 8 X 10 feet that needs to be replaced. Most likely the framing will need replacement as well in that area.

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Livingroom looking forward. Livingroom ceiling looking forward. Livingroom wall under solid window. Port side of trailer. Front livingroom ceiling.
Above the mirror is where the bedroom floor is located. Drawers and cabinets in living room. Above these is where the bedroom floor is hidden. Front door in living room. Wall is covered with black felt. Stairway to bedrooms.
Looking into kitchen from hallway. Bathroom on right, Cabinets on left. Hallway Floor Soft Spot. Must be replaced. Kitchen Kitchen
Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen
Bathroom Bathroom Bathroom Bathroom
Bathroom Bathroom Aft bedroom ceiling. Must be replaced. Footer of aft bedroom bed area.
Aft befroom closet. Aft bedroom floor and step. Old cooler on floor. Aft bedroom windows. Aft bedroom.
Forward bedroom ceiling. Forward bedroom. Forward bedroom. Looking through top of stairs from one bedroom to the other.
Head of bed in forward bedroom. Sliding door is visible on right. Inside the cabinet over the stairs between the two bedrooms. Cabinet over the stairs closed between the two bedrooms. Looking down from the top of the stairs.
The soft portion of the floor in the hallway between kitchen and living room.
Color panels are fossods and are placed over exterior skin. Original water heater compartment. Outside door, escape hatch at top of stairs. Black ABS pipe to vent connection to sewer. Not needed.
Corner details. Water damage. Vent that swamp cooler air came in through. Swamp cooler sat on 4x4s which spanned the top. Piece of plywood placed over what I believe to be a fire escape hatch. Metal door on outside.
WH Access panel. Solid Window Roof Roof
Roof Roof Roof Hitch
Hitch Kitchen wall Kitchen Door Kitchen Door
Kitchen Wall Kitchen Wall Kitchen back wall Roof
Roof Me standing on roof Me standing on roof Me standing on roof