Vehicle Safety: Car Insurance & Beyond

Taking out a reliable car insurance policy is an excellent first step toward ensuring the safety of yourself and your loved ones. For maximum safety, though, it's advisable to take a few extra steps. If you have any teenage drivers, it's well worth going over safe driving tips together. Having teens take a defensive driving test, for example, can both lower insurance payments and improve overall road safety. Likewise, it's worth learning how to take steps to keep younger children safe, such as proper car seat use. If you live in a place with rough winters, be sure you know how to deal with inclement weather conditions. If you're regularly on the road for work, think of driving as one more frontier for workplace safety. Finally, keeping an eye on your car's environmental impact can help protect both your family and your community against the long-term, broader dangers associated with air pollution.

Problems with Teen Driving

Links for Teens: Cars, Car Parts & Driving

Portage Public Library offers a list of useful online resources on driving safety for teens.

Cars & Driving Safety Links

Teens can refer to these links for safe driving tips, from mobile phone use to DUIs.

Learning to Drive? Helpful Links

A Washington-based driving school hosts this list of helpful driving safety links.

Ready to Drive? Resources: From Safety Tips to Car Parts

From the Memorial Library of Nazareth, these links include information on driving tests, car insurance and more.

Budget Driving School: Resources, from Car Parts to Practice Tests

Teens and beginner drivers can find useful driving links here, including practice tests and instructional videos.

Teen Driving Websites

A collection of driving websites is especially aimed at teenagers and covers safety as well as driving skills.

CDC: Teen Drivers

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offer tips for teens to avoid motor vehicle crashes.

NSC: A Teen's Biggest Safety Threat Sits on the Driveway

An article from the National Safety Council advises teens and parents on dealing with driving risks.

NHTSA: Shape Your Teen Into a Safe, Responsible Driver

Read these tips from The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to keep your teen driver safe on the road.

DDS: Teen Drivers

The Georgia Department of Driver Services operates a database of safe driving information, especially for teens.

Car Seat Safety

General Parenting Links

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services operates list extensive directory of parenting links.

Child Safety Links: From Toys to Car Seats, the Most Valuable Auto Parts

A parents' resource covers many aspects of keeping your children safe at home and on the road.

The Most Important Auto Parts: Recycling Child Safety Seats

This New Jersey-based garage offers a child safety seat recycling program.

Finding the Right Car Seat: Very Important Car Parts

Parents Central, sponsored by the NHTSA, helps parents select and use car seats safely.

Car Seats: Car Parts Information for Families for 2015

The American Academy of Pediatrics weighs in on correctly using car seats for your children.

Car Seat Safety: Avoid 10 Common Mistakes with these MVP Auto Parts

Mayo Clinic advises parents on the most frequent errors in using children's car seats.

Car Seat Safety: The Most Important (Auto Part) in Your Car

This guide from KidsHealth from Nemours explains how to select the right car seat for your child.

Car Seat Safety for Kids: Auto Parts for the Most Precious Cargo

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia teaches parents how to keep small children safe on the road.

Workplace Safety

AFFA Links: Labor Organizations for Auto Parts, Manufacturing and More

LaborNet's page of links includes numerous national organizations and unions for a range of industries.

Laborers' Local #1140: Helpful Links for Auto Parts Workers and Other Industries

This list of links includes organizations related to workers' rights, occupational health and safety, and more.

Risk Factors: From Auto Parts Production to Food Services

A series of news articles covers the biggest risk factors in the workplace.

Safety and Health Case Study: Auto Parts Manufacturing

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration advises on safe practices in the auto parts industry.

Best Shop Practices Across Industries: From Auto Parts to Waste Management

From the Environmental Protection Agency, this guide advises on safe practices to avoid worker exposure to toxins or other dangerous conditions.

Workplace Safety & Health: For Auto Parts Workers and All Sectors

The U.S. Department of Labor offers this directory of specialized organizations to address workplace safety in various sectors.

Workplace Safety: An Overview

From Cornell University Law School, this overview of workplace safety outlines the organizations responsible for creating and enforcing national safety guidelines.

Workplace Safety for Small Businesses

The U.S. Small Business Administration advises small business owners on maintaining a safe workplace.

Workplace Safety: Driving, Fires, Falls and More

The Texas Department of Insurance offers this workplace safety flyer.

Snow Tires

Vital Car Parts: Preparing For Winter Emergencies

An in-depth article helps you get ready for the risks that accompany severe winter weather.

Canadian Winter Driving: from Car Parts to Snow Tires

Here you can find winter driving tips for drivers in the Great White North.

Important Winter Car Parts: Snow Tire and Chain Requirements

The Utah Administrative Code regulates the type of tires you need on your vehicle.

Winter Travel Tips and Information

The Oregon Department of Transportation has put together a helpful page full of winter driving tips.

10 Ways to Maintain a Car in the Winter: Auto Parts to Driving Tips

An article in the Southern News explains snow tires and more.

Winter Tires Offer Advantages over All-Season Tires

This Hartford Courant article emphasizes the advantages of winter tires.

Winter Driving Tips

This page from the Seattle Department of Transportation has some good advice for safe wintertime driving.

Winter Driving: Tire Safety to Auto Parts to Car Maintenance FAQs

The Colorado Department of Transportation provides wide-ranging guidelines for safe winter driving.

Air Pollution Resources

From online articles to books, these resources cover everything from strategy-making to semiotics lessons.

Research Expertise and Classes

An overview of one professor's research background includes a bibliography with links to useful online articles.

H2brO Delivery Environmental Tips

This beverage delivery service maintains a page of tips for individuals and businesses to seek out greener alternatives to beverage packaging.

Environmental Science & Studies: International Resources

A list of helpful websites form Atlanta University Center covers varied environmental science themes.

Green Links: Environmental Tech, Alternative Fuel and More

A Syracuse-based realtor maintains this listing of environmentally-themed links, of nationwide interest to homeowners and individuals.

Sustainability Leadership Institute: Online Resources

The Sustainability Leadership Institute (SLI) is a non-profit research, educational, and support organization that offers this list of green links.

Vehicles, Air Pollution and Human Health: Auto Parts to Buying Tips

The Union of Concerned Scientists advises on selecting and driving clean vehicles.

Controlling Air Pollution from Motor Vehicles: Car Parts to Emission Ratings

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation advises on greener driving practices.

California Air Resources Board

The California EPA maintains a website devoted to air pollution themes.

NDRC: Air Pollution, from Industry to Outdated Car Parts

The Natural Resources Defense Council offers information on air pollution and its causes.

Air Pollution Causes and Effects: From Car Parts and Factories to Health Issues

MedlinePlus explains what causes air pollution and describes the effects it can have on your health.

Bad Weather Car/Driving

Carson Valley Weather: Useful Links

A list of weather-related links includes local and national highway information, weather bureaus and more.

Hurricane and Weather Links

This varied directory of hurricane-related links includes personal Web pages as well as official weather reporting websites.

StormChaser: Links

Refer to these links for information on severe weather watches as well as more general weather-related tips, such as sunset times or safe driving tips.

Furious Earth: Weather Links

A lengthy collection of weather-related links includes major meteorology websites and articles on storm preparation and hurricane safety.

Oster-Manhay Weather Website: Useful Links

A Belgium-based weather website includes links of worldwide interest, from kid-oriented webpages to driving tips.

Driving School: Useful Links, from Weather Preparedness to Car Parts

Chris Deane Driving School advises new drivers on responding to inclement weather.

Valley Center Weather Links

A California-based weather station features a list of links, from weather education to the weather station's technical information.

Winterizing Your Vehicle: From Vital Auto Parts to Emergency Supplies

Consumer Reports Magazine advises drivers on safely preparing for winter driving conditions.

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