1956 Spartan Manor

32 ft. All Metal Frame - Tandem Axle

32 foot 1956 Spartan Manor in prime restorable condition. The trailer is built with all metal framing. The aluminum skin is in immaculate shape because the trailer was painted with a light coat of paint. It has been covered for it's lifetime. No corrosion and no pitting. The paint is starting to come off of the sunny side now so it's time to get to work on this gem. All lights work and are original. The tail lights have a light coat of paint on them so they are in great shape as well.

The floor is solid throughout and there is just a little tiny bit of water damage around one side window in the bedroom. Some re-finishing and reattaching of the birch paneling and trim will be necessary and it will need new floor covering throughout.

I would put all new kitchen cabinets in it if it were mine and a little remodeling in the bathroom although everything is usable in it's present condition. The swamp cooler will come off of course and go in the trash. It has NOT done any damage to the ceiling of the trailer or the roof. A vent should be put in it's place.

The front curved lexan windows are intact. The rubber windsheild grommet needs to be replaced and is a standard item and easy to find.

It is fitted for Forced Air Heating but will need a new Forced Air Unit installed. Air conditioning should be done through a window opening. All plumbing is intact and working. All electrical is intact and working.

The trailer will need 4 new wheels and tires although 3 hold air and one holds it for a while. I can put new wheels and tires and pack the bearings for the trip out if you pay for the parts. No extra charge. I can also deliver this trailer and set it up for a small fee plus gas both ways. This trailer is a great deal and chances are you won't have to check auto refinance rates and get a new loan to afford this unit. Just a few new wheels and some kitchen and bathroom remodelling and you'll be up and running in no time.

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Paint is coming off to reveal aluminum in great shape. Body has maybe two small dings. Easy to smooth out from the inside. Spartan Badge intact. Shaded side is not losing paint yet.
Curved lexan windows are intact. Tongue jack works. Great lines. Body is straight.
This shows the great shape of the aluminum underneath the paint. The rest of the paint will come off easy. No pitting or corrosion. This is the only side where the paint is coming off due to the sun.
All but one window intact. One needs glass. Doors and screen doors intact but will need new screen. Porch and Swamp cooler gone now. Original California License Plate
Kitchen works but should be replaced to look original. Forced Air Vents in Floor throughout trailer. Not the original stove. Forced Air Unit goes in this corner.
Looking towards bedroom from kitchen. Closets in hall with origninal hardware. All working and intact. Bathroom mirror. Bathroom sink works but cabinets should be replaced.
Toilet works. The shower and bath walls have been covered with plastic shower curtain. Tub is intact and can be cleaned and polished.
Shower and bath stall covered with shower curtain. Bedroom This window needs new glass. This is the only water damage to the birch other than one little spot inside a cabinet.
Trim around floor needs refinishing and re-attached. Storage space. Looking out of befroom towards front. Mirror needs cleaning.
Lots of drawers and storage. Another view of the drawers in bedroom.
Looking from befroom towards front. Yet another closet behind bedroom mirror. Bathroom slider door closed.
This is inside a cabinet and can be repaird with ease. The leak has been repaired. More closets and storage space looking from kitchen towards bedroom. Swamp Cooler hole. No damage. I have removed the swamp cooler and the vent frame is intact and sealed. Minor trim repair needed.
Some trim needs to be re-attached. Paneling is in great shape. No stains on ceiling. Entire kitchen should be refinished. One small upper cabinet missing.
Original Doorbell BUtton
This vintage trailer is just begging for a polish job. Tongue jack works. No propane tanks. Original Lexan Windows with no damage. Should be polished and needs new gasket which is standard windsheild gasket. All running lights are intact.
Original Spartan Badge under paint and license plate holder and light. Power cord and original outlet. Tires hold air but should be replaced. Wheels are split rim and should be replaced as well. Underneath is covered and clean except for a few cob webs.
Entire underside is covered. One tire has a slow leak. Baby Moons can be rechromed.

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